Feria de Especialidad con Café 2024

An educational project developed together with Colombian partner COOCENTRAL, aiming to create opportunities for the youth of Huila in the specialty coffee industry.

4th Edition, 2024

April 4th - 6th Garzon, Huila

The Event

The Specialty Coffee Fair was created as a yearly pedagogical project to serve as a benchmark of quality in Colombia. Held over 3 days, it includes seminars led by a panel of coffee professionals with expertise in areas of post-harvest processing, cupping, sensory skills, physical analysis, roasting, and barista skills.

It is developed in collaboration with our partner Coocentral, with the aim of leveraging the resources we have and teaching best practices in coffee refinement as a raw material, thereby promoting growth in the domestic consumption of specialty coffee through education and awareness.

Event Goals

The aim is to increase consumption of high-quality regional coffees, while bringing young people from Huila closer to the world of specialty coffee and the various careers offered within the industry. The program is set up to also train participants and allow Coocentral to identify potential baristas, lab assistants, or roasters for future employment.


The methodology involves teaching introductory theoretical and practical seminars in various branches of the coffee production chain. Each seminar has a maximum capacity of 6 students, one speaker, and one station assistant. Participants go through both practical and theoretical evaluations.

There are 6 main subjects at the event: 

  1. Post harvest processing
  2. Financial health
  3. Physical analysis
  4. Roasting skills
  5. Barista skills
  6. Sensory skills

Written by
Juan Suarez
Published on

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