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We specialise in high-scoring, sweet, fruit-driven naturals & special preps with extended fermentation, as well as variety specific coffees, available in larger quantities.

By leveraging our expertise in processing techniques, we've developed a consistent and dependable supply of unique, seldom-seen Brazilian coffees. We concentrate on lesser-known coffee origins, working closely with small and medium-sized producers as well as producer groups. We prioritise building long term relationships, to establish a consistent, distinctive supply of coffee and a stable market for our partners. We assist them in maximising profits by offering avenues for the sale of both their standard coffee volumes and special preps. Our team tracks our coffees throughout the entire supply chain, from cupping to delivery.

Key highlights

At a glance

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At origin

We focus on processing, innovation, and quality.

Increasing quality

  • Sharing data & protocols with producers
  • Control over cherry selection & processing
  • Continuous sample cupping at origin & HQ

Improving efficiency

  • Calibration at origin
  • Harvest to export timelines
  • Producer meetings throughout harvest
  • Weekly follow up of supply chain, warehousing, & transport

Utility & innovation

  • Flavour profiling
  • Lot separation & building blends
  • Production & planning for future concepts
  • Critical analysis of cup quality
  • Product development & experimentation
  • Highlight specific lots & curate selections for customers

Export & logistics

  • Control & QC at export preparations
  • Oversee milling, bagging, & port transfer
  • Documentation handling for easy & efficient shipments
  • Personally seal cargo
  • Regular updates on shipping status

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