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Recognising the potential of well-processed Ugandan coffee, we work with our suppliers to challenge traditional norms and achieve higher quality.

We operate around the Bulambuli district of Eastern Uganda, situated near the Kenyan border on Mt. Elgon. Our coffees are a result of our collaboration with long-standing partners, Ibero, who established the Bulambuli Washing Station in 2022. Their facility handles the pulping, fermentation, and drying of the coffee lots we purchase, giving us complete oversight over the production process. We specialise in improved full washed & naturals, as well as custom-made blends. These coffees deserve to be recognized in the specialty industry, ensuring producers access specialty premiums.

Key highlights

At a glance

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Our concepts

Improved Fully-Washed & Naturals


86+ naturals

Naginzole is the concept for our bright, intense naturals with fruit forward flavours. In Lugisu, the local dialect of the area, the name Naginzole describes an indigenous bird that lives in the Bulambuli forest and eats a lot of mangoes.


86+ washed

Our washed coffees have also been named after an indigenous bird living in the Bulambuli forest. We use the name Zinule to refer to sweet, fragrant and intense washed coffees from this area.

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Our concepts

Custom Blends

Our custom blends of 84+ points are usually part of specific quality-oriented projects developed by our partners at origin, and are produced on demand.

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At origin

We focus on the improvement of processing, innovation, & quality

Increasing quality

  • Sharing data & protocols with producers
  • Control over cherry selection & processing
  • Continuous sample cupping at origin & HQ

Improving efficiency

  • Calibration at origin
  • Harvest to export timelines
  • Producer meetings throughout harvest
  • Weekly follow up of supply chain, warehousing, & transport

Utility & innovation

  • Flavour profiling
  • Lot separation & building blends
  • Production & planning for future concepts
  • Critical analysis of cup quality
  • Product development & experimentation
  • Highlight specific lots & curate selections for customers

Export & logistics

  • Control & QC at export preparations
  • Oversee milling, bagging, & port transfer
  • Documentation handling for easy & efficient shipments
  • Regular updates on shipping status

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