Plan your coffee

From spot sales to warehousing & from finance plans to origin trips

We can help you with all of your short and long term needs, no matter your volume requirements.

Spot Sales

In-stock coffee on the spot, shipped from our warehouse in Belgium to your roastery.
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Forward Booking

Plan your purchases based on seasonality, with competitive financing & warehousing options.
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Direct Shipments

Specialty at scale, shipped directly from origin to your destination of choice.
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Spot sales

Make reservations for coffees that are in-stock and stored in our warehouse in Belgium.

We always have a wide selection of coffees available for purchase, 'on the spot', for roasteries of all sizes. We can also provide you with warehousing options and finance plans.

Forward booking

Plan your purchases based on seasonality.

Forward Booking is a service tailored for growing specialty coffee roasters who want to strategically plan and secure their coffee volumes. It offers you the opportunity to commit to specific quantities of high-quality coffee in advance — but with the flexibility of drawing it over a six-month period. You can access a curated selection of coffees exclusively sourced for your needs and stored in our main EU warehouse. The service also includes support such as financing and warehousing.

Direct shipments

For those looking for specialty coffee at scale.

Contract full container loads directly at origin earlier on in the harvest — and we’ll help you with curating a selection, logistics, and planning. Through Tropiq, a product line under the Nordic Approach umbrella, we specialise in sourcing and procurement, focusing on all the groundwork at origin for specialty at scale. Early contracting will give you access to early selections and secure the best price points. Ship your containers directly to your port of destination.  

Seasonality calendar

Harvest times are not as predictable as they used to be, so this is an overview based on our experience.

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