A guide to shipping outside the EU

After talking about how important it is to plan your coffee purchases, we would like to share how you should manage your shipping, if you are a roaster located in other countries outside the EU.

We are fully transparent about our product costs, so let us be equally transparent about freight. Using road transport, delivery within Europe usually takes 5-7 business days. However the shipping time will be much longer for countries in Asia Pacific, Africa & the Middle East if you use ocean freight. Here we are talking about 30-40 sailing days, plus 1-2 weeks for customs clearance process in your country after the coffee has landed. Therefore you need to plan your shipment ahead, so you can get your coffee in time.

The following illustration can give you an idea how long the process could be if everything is going smoothly. Sometimes unforeseen delays might occur for any number of reasons  and pop up at any time. It is very important to plan your purchase well to avoid running out coffee while you are still waiting for the shipment to arrive.

Your shipping options

Air Freight

The Incoterm is CPT

We use either an international courier service or commercial airlines. Please bear in mind, it is always more expensive to ship with air freight. Every kilo matters! Just as it does when you check your luggage and have to pay the excess charge when the bag is overweight!

Ocean Freight

The Incoterm is CFR

Using sea freight is more economical for long distance shipping. Curious about how long or how much it costs to ship 1 or 2 pallets to your country from our European warehouse? Find out on the table below.

Our shipment will be port-to-port/airport-to-airport only and you need to manage the customs clearance process and transportation to your warehouse/roastery yourself. We do not have the expertise to deal with customs in each different country as the customs regulations vary in most circumstances.

The freight cost you pay includes:

  • Palletizing on EURO pallet
  • Export fees & clearance,
  • Freight costs for carriage from the warehouse in Zeebrugge to Brussels airport / Antwerp port and to the named place of destination.

Please get in touch with your sales rep for specific requirements.

Written by
Jenny S. Christensen
Published on
August 1, 2020

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