• Assembly coffee (map)
  • 244 Ferndale Road
  • London, England, SW9
  • United Kingdom


Morten Wennersgaard - founder and CEO of Nordic Approach - will deliver a presentation on the formation of Nordic Approach while examining the real benefits of selling a cup of coffee and the threats to our industry in 2017. 

The evening will commence with a cupping of coffees  at 6pm. Morten has selected a table of coffees with particular relevance to him and his presentation. 

Following that, we’ve assembled some of the independent coffee industry's taste-makers and thought-leaders to discuss some of the most pressing issues affecting us all today. On the panel are:

Andrew Tolley - Taylor Street Baristas

Scott Bentley - Caffeine Magazine

Mat North - FCP Coffee/  SCAEUK Events Coordinator

Morten Wennersgaard - Founder and CEO Nordic Approach

Jeremy Chandler - Co-Founder and Director Prufrock Coffee/ 2016 UKBC Brewers Cup

Matt Slater- World Coffee Events Re:co Symposium Director

Chris Coleman - Owner and Co-Founder Embassy East

When/ Where?

March 9th 2017
7pm - 10pm
Cupping begins at 6pm

Assembly Coffee
244 Ferndale Road


While celebrating community and surface solutions to our shared challenges, the evening will highlight the interdependence in our industry at all levels - farmer, roaster, cafe owner, barista or otherwise.

The Distinction Between What’s Possible and What’s Profitable In Coffee

The topic for discussion by the panel will be the disparity between what is possible in the world of coffee and what is profitable. 

Together we've come up with the following questions for debate, but email us if you have a question of your own you'd like discussed on the evening!

  • What is the source of disparity between what is possible and what is profitable in specialty coffee?
  • What are the implications of this for the cafe owner?
  • What does it mean for the farmer?
  • Where does the responsibility lay?
  • What do we propose is a solution?