• Hawthorne Suites (map)
  • Shams Cluster 3
  • Dubai
  • United Arab Emirates

Morten Wennersgaard, founder of Nordic Approach, will present the company and different origins. We will cup offerings in stock from Colombia, Central America, Brazil, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Nordic Approach representative in the UAE region. 

With bases in Dubai we are initiating a collaboration with Peter Ahn and his company “Frame” to streamline buying and importing coffees to the UAE and surroundings. Peter Ahn is originally from Korea, and is doing businesses in fashion, cafes etc. Together with associates he will act as a Nordic Approach sales representative in the region.

What will this mean for you as a client/roaster.

The prices will remain the same as on our offer list and normal discount options on volumes will apply. We hope to achieve good client follow up and customer relations and more efficient sample distribution and shipping. Potentially decreased shipping cost as we can consolidate shipments for several roasters to e.g. a Dubai warehouse. And it should be less work on documentation and bureaucracy for the countries with complicated import systems. 

As a coffee roaster you are welcome to choose whether you will take the dialogue directly with us or through Frame. Either way the quality, prices and end result will be the same.